We balance opportunities and risks in the international arena

  • We propose a tax and legal advice aimed at optimizing costs and weighing risks.
  • We offer a sharp and dynamic vision of the international legal framework where companies operate.


  • We plan the investment abroad globally.
  • We anticipate and define critical costs.
  • We consider opportunities and risks in the fiscal, labor, and social security matters.



Clear answers in a complex international environment

  • We ensure compliance, consistency, and cost-effectiveness of international mobility.
  • We always offer a comparative and coordinated vision which is essential when different countries and jurisdictions come into play.
  • In all our projects, we act under the principle of “One interaction point.”


  • We design international mobility policies with the following objectives:
    • Meet the needs of global compensation.
    • Combine competitiveness and cost balance.
    • Adapt to the international legal framework, and
    • Eliminate legal barriers to mobility.
  • We always propose a comparative and coordinated analysis of the countries at stake.
  • We advise from an integrated vision of international compensation and its key legal aspects: tax, labor, social security, and social security.
  • We plan international mobility under the criteria of cost efficiency and legal certainty.



We approach their remuneration from an integrated perspective with market trends, legal aspects, and good corporate governance practices

  • Senior Management succession plans
  • Remuneration
  • Pension Plans and Savings schemes.
  • International mobility
  • Remco and Board Legal Advisors


Senior Management succession plans

  • Disengagement plans design for Board Members and Executives.
  • Tax and Legal planning of the Senior Management succession.


  • We design and transform critical elements of the compensation package of senior management, considering market trends and best practices of Good Corporate Governance.
  • We implement long-term compensation plans, international compensation schemes, or remuneration schemes with implications in various countries.

Pension and Savings schemes

  • Our advice includes the entire counseling process:
    • Trends and market practices.
    • Analysis of alternatives to arrange pension and savings plans for senior management.
    • Cost evaluation and fiscal financial projections.
    • Implementation and delimitation of labor, social, and related financial risks.

International Mobility

  • Tax and Legal planning of the international assignment.
  • Remuneration package approach.
  • International Assignment implementation under criteria of cost efficiency and legal certainty.
  • Design and implementation of international pension schemes.

Remco & Board Legal Advisors

  • We advise on Trends, Market and Good Corporate Governance Practices.
  • We anticipate the applicable regulatory framework and its evolution.
  • We evaluate compliance with Good Corporate Governance policies.
  • Policies and advice to boards and committees of remuneration and appointments.



We think and propose alternatives to optimize compensation and costs

  • Tax optimization for compensation


  • We advise on tax compensation optimization systems that we coordinate and adapt to corporate compensation policies.
  • We have created new digital tools in the financial and human resources field that allow time optimization and data-based decision making. Among them is our digital platform specialized in the management of tax exemption for services provided abroad.

We design, plan and fiscally optimize international structures.

  • We design tax-efficient structures of international groups and advise on the execution of corporate combinations and divisions operations that are necessary to achieve the target structure.


  • Our advice considers all the investment cycles under criteria of cost optimization and fiscal efficiency: the channeling of the investment to legally guarantee a rapid and stable expansion, the efficient articulation of financial flows and intra-group services, the repatriation of funds from subsidiaries, as well as the divestment, sale or liquidation of activities abroad. We devote particular attention to the following aspects:
    • The adequate financing of activities.
    • Transfer pricing regulations.
    • Tax deductions and incentives.
    • Repatriation of funds.
    • Transmission, settlement of the activity abroad, as well as the exchange control regulations.

We help the family business to achieve fiscal efficiency

  • Reorganization of family companies and large assets.
  • We know family businesses, their many virtues and the difficulties that face generation after generation.


  • Fiscal optimization in the succession of family businesses.
  • Business restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Structuring compensation of shareholders and directors.
  • Preparation of family protocols and shareholder agreements.



We understand the value of compensation and its critical legal aspects to propose its transformation and evolution towards new models

  • We approach remuneration from a 360º perspective that encompasses compensation and its key legal aspects.
  • We understand the Law as a useful legal instrument for the design and implementation of effective policies in the field of compensation and benefits.


  • We design, implement and transform the remuneration policies and benefits efficiently.
  • We articulate long-term compensation schemes.
  • We advise on trends, market, and its adaptation to the best practices of Good Corporate Governance.
  • We approach both local and global schemes.
  • We address pension and savings schemes solutions as an efficient tool for compensation, and staff planning.


Digital Services

Our tools allow data-based decision making and facilitate the optimization of resources in mobility management and its tax benefits

  • The digital tools of CESZINKIN allow, simply and intuitively, the decision-making based on data, as well as the optimization of the time of the Human Resources areas in the management of the mobility of people and the applicable tax benefits.
  • We have created new digital tools that bring the financial and human resources world closer to allow time optimization and coordination of all the areas involved.


Online platforms

  • In an environment of legal services transformation, CESZINKIN has developed a digital platform for the articulation of global business services and the management of tax benefits. This tool optimizes resources and allows decision making based on data.
  • CESZINKIN has developed an online platform for the management and monitoring of international mobility services that allow the coordination and global control of the entire mobility process.

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