“The broad vision they provided of the legal framework in more than 22 countries on three continents in which we operate has allowed us to outline an international mobility policy that continues to help us make sound decisions in the mobility of our talent without taking legal risks or unnecessary costs.”

Ayarí Jiménez

Corporate Director of Compensation of GRUPO BIMBO

“Their immediate and personalized treatment, together with the agility and clarity of their answers in a complex international environment, as well as their flexibility to adapt to the needs of the company at all times, greatly facilitate an effective strategy in the field of mobility. “

Carol Pardo de Andrade

HR International Compensation and Global Mobility Manager in BANCO SABADELL

“Working with them has been a guarantee to eliminate the legal barriers to mobility in each of the countries in which we operate. Its integrated approach has allowed us to obtain the fundamental guidelines to carry out the assignment of our collaborators in other countries, under criteria of cost efficiency and legal security.”

Juan José Rota

Corporate Director of Human Resources in VISCOFAN

“Their estimable help and professionalism have made simple the undertaking of new international projects. Proactive professionals like them make it easier to anticipate future problems in international environments where we face constant changes and instability. Without all their support, our international expansion would not have been possible.”

Francisco López Parra

Financial Area Director in QUIRÓN PREVENCIÓN

“They have great expertise in everything related to international mobility and legal aspects at the tax, labor, and social security levels. We relied on their invaluable help and professionalism in the revision and preparation of international assignment policies and legal advice.”

Mireia Galofré


“They offer an integrated vision of compensation and its critical legal aspects: fiscal, labor and social security.”

Juan José Ridaura

Director of Human Resources in STADLER RAIL


“The team has a broad vision of advice to senior management.  They know how to combine the legal and tax codes of different remuneration packages and creativity. They always provided us with alternatives and legal security in all our decisions.”

Eugenio Prieto

President of Industry and Infrastructure for A.T.KEARNEY

“I have been fortunate to have them as “second opinion” advisors, and the result was highly satisfactory. They are prepared professionals, rigorous, and always willing to seek the best solution within the Law, and anticipate future demands and challenges.”

Ramón José Díaz Rico

People Management Manager in CAIXABANK

“Their drive, leadership, and pragmatism (always oriented to fix problems) have been the key to be able to finalize the project in time and with the committed quality. Prominent in their area of expertise, they are excellent senior professionals, engaged, with a clear, concise, and direct language with an excellent professional attitude. Skills highly valued for HR of an industrial company. Excellent work, excellent colleagues.”

Pablo Barrasa

HR Manager in ABENGOA

“It has been a pleasure working with them for their contribution to design the solution to the underlying business problem and make the legal form adapt to it and not vice-versa.”

Miguel Zurita



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